Sunday, July 1, 2012

I won a prize!

June's last day, was a pretty great day!
Me and my prize!
We went to Parque Carolina... and had the most fun!

The highlights:

* we sat on green green grass under green green trees and watched proud little kids ride around on horses
* I joined a public aerobics class and forgot to be shy
* the aerobics turned out to be a great workout, I got my groove on (finally, I was do for some good bodyshaking) AND I ''won'' a football
* I went down the slide (haven't done that in ages and it was SO much fun)
* we had the giggles on the seesaw
* we shared my very first candied apple from one of the many food stands
* Tim showed me his powerfull monkey skills
* we got cups of free water and refilled our waterbottle (I love free water!)
* we shot some hoops on the basketball field (and I kind of kicked Tims ass :) )
We went back ''home'' tired, with joyfull spirits, our football and a narly sunburn...

What an awsome day!!!


  1. Hey! You didn't kick my... Oh...well...okay, yeah you did. Darn those korfbal skills! I'm glad I had my monkey skills to make me feel better.