Saturday, November 16, 2013

Elevator pitch

Not a poem this time,
nothing funky, no rhyme...
But the Elevator Pitch for my last day in class
to become a ''Professional Organizing''-lass.
Read and learn what I've been up to
and what it is I hope to someday do...
When I was travelling for a year,
looking for myself and
for what would REALLY make me happy,
one of the wishes that rose
was to become a ''Professional Organizer''.
With my backpack full of
* experience as a social worker
* a very good idea of what I want
* my personal organizing skills and passions
* and the ''good practices'' of what I could mean in the lives of people around me
I ''travelled'' to Utrecht (Netherlands) to follow the training from
''Inspiring Els The Household coach''.
There, my enthusiasm caught fire
and as a souvenir I brought:
the idea and plan to start with OrganiZEN.
With OrganiZEN I want to help people
in Antwerp province (and maybe beyond)
to regain control over their ''stuff'' and house hold.
This, by ''getting things done'', 
very practically,
with them
and in in their own house.
This way, they will (re)find their stuff,
and their peace.
Just like I found all these things,
while travelling.

Walking around Utrecht ''Fier als een pauw'' - ''Proud as a peacock'' as
a graduated Professional Organizer :).
Should this be my celebration-dress? :)
Just kidding, I already found the perfect vintage one :).


  1. OrganiZEN! That's a great idea! I remember at the ashram you had an innate penchant for taking a mess and making it simpler, calmer and more beautiful. I've heard your physical surroundings have a big impact on your psyche. I'm excited for your new venture! Bravo!

    1. Michaela! Thank you! What a beautiful compliment! Especially coming from gorgeous you!
      And yes! Peace around is peace within!