Thursday, November 7, 2013

It didn't rain in India

Drips and drops on your skin...
Do you rather stay in?
Cozy warm with a cup of tea?
But there is a whole world out there to see!
I get itches because I want to see more,
of what the world has in store...

For now I heat up my chosen pea soup
and put my favorite CD of the moment on a loop
I go through a picture book
with some of the shots in India I took.
Thinking back of that time of this year,
gives me sadness but also cheer.
Curious of what I saw and did
copy the links and look at it!

A cup of tea
at Bakery Bizarr in Lier (BE)
is a real treat!
The place is gorgeous
and fall is as well!

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6


  1. Awesome photo books of an incredible journey through Rajasthan! Still gives a lot of good memories :)

    1. YES! So many good memories!
      Thank you, dear Rob! Looking forward to YOUR photo books!