Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fighting the germs

 By driving to work, instead of taking the train.
Warmth and comfort? I will take the ''gain''.
By letting people pass on and off the streets
and having their gratitude heal me like would red beets!
By enjoying the fall-colors and beauty of the morning sun...
I'm instantly happy and the day has just begun!
Add this song to the morning scene
 and I feel like I'm living the dream!
By having a productive day behind the PC
while it felt like StuBru was playing music, just for me!
By eating soup that is greener then grass
I can literarily feel my throat ache pass.
By giving a genuine and caring compliment
and by laughing so hard it made my back bend.
By having a beautiful friend ask me how I feel
and hearing in her voice, she cares a great deal...
By working on my physical balance with Pilates
and by always saying ''thank you'' and ''pretty please''.
By accidently dropping a glass jar off the drying rack
and thinking: ''Yes, good luck, my health will be back on track!''
By drinking massive amounts of tea
and occasionally
having a cup with a delicious (!!!) chocolate gift
just looking at them gives me a lift!
I will share my chocolate, but you have to be fast!
I really don't think that long they will last...
Sugar might not be the best bet,
but I'm hoping you won't forget:
Feeling happy and having gratitude
is the way to a healthier body and a kick ass mood!
Love is everywhere!

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