Thursday, June 14, 2012


Man... some places just have such strong energies in the air!

Last week, one of the people that was with the Colombian film crew, told us about these hidden cliff paintings in a valley in Sachica, a town near Villa De Leyva.

We saw this as a gift, as payment for our very hard work for Colombian television and the very next day, decided to walk/hike over there.
We were doubtful that we would even find the painings, but were already grateful because the walk itself was amazing... the views and nature...

And then, all of a sudden, there they were! I am unable to discribe it... but the feeling when we saw the ancient paintings... WOW! Very strong!
What an amazing place!

Read our story on Tims fasciniating blog:

The one to the far left is my favorite :).


  1. brill!! it does represent Katrien, ik bedoel sorry in de juiste taal: natuur id natuur, toon je ook in je foto's the beauty of moeder aarde ;-)