Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank you feet!

After my morning yoga session,
a delicious breakfast and
a walk through town...

my feet and I rested in a coffee shop.
We waited for our sandwiches ''para llevar'' (to go).

After the cook came running back in the coffee shop,
flustered and out of breath,
with the tomatoes and lettuce that would go on our bread...

me and my feet walked
and walked
Me and my feet in the coffee shop.
and walked
and jumped
and avoided big cow heaps
and climbed...
and walked
and... stopped...

we saw the most amazing views
the most amazing greens!

And we felt the most amazing energies
coming from cave painings from a thousand years ago...

Thank you feet, for getting me there, and back!


  1. een mooie manier om je verhaal te vertellen via je trouwe voeties... ;-)