Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The universe teaches

Cute breakfast biscuits for breakfast.
I get frustrated, I get cranky...
When I get that way,
I am dissapointed in me...

All negatives!
So, I try to turn things around.

Whenever I get frustrated, there is a lesson for me to learn.

This morning, my lesson was to accept the way things are. Accept that things are sometimes different in this part of the world. Accept that things are not always as you want them to be (I realise everyday how spoiled I am).

And when I am able to do that... I get rewarded. By an awsome breakfast this morning for example.
By things that I would normally not go for, but turn out to be great!

If you think you are openminded? Go travel in really foreign countries! I am learning, every day. And every day, my mind opens up a little more!


  1. Grappig wat je in het begin post, had ik daarstraks nog gezegd tegen Lies ;-) Great minds think alike?

    Dit is niet van mezelf maar een quote: Een geest die door een nieuwe ervaring is veranderd, gaat nooit terug naar zijn oude dimensie. (o.w. Holmes) uit boekje van Arktos vzw.

    Vond ik echt op je lijf momenteel geschreven (zoals er nog velen zullen zijn;-))

    Nog vele nieuwe ervaringen toegewenst, maar vergeet natuurlijk de verwerking niet ;-)

  2. I love how much you try to stay positive. It's truly amazing and inspiring! I hope you two are having a lovely time together and all continues to go well!

    1. Hey QA, thank you so much for your sweet comment!
      Lots of love and positive thoughts for you!