Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Goodbye lovely place in Villa De Leyva.

I feel like a gypsy...
going from one place to another.
I love staying for a while...
but then I know...
It is time to go...

Thank you hostal Platypus,
for the quick stop.

my backpack rests in a cute and slightly retrolicious (I love it) family hostel in Bogota...
I am soaking and soaking up the atmoshere,
letting in the people and energies
and getting out of my language comfort zone (trying some Spanglish)

Goodmorning cute little family hostal.
Let's spend the next two days together!

my backpack and me will be separated for an hour or two
while we fly high
to the place I've been longing for...
here we come Ecuador!

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