Wednesday, April 18, 2012

''Aaaaaaw'' en ''Mmmmm''

My journal with a picture from the flyer
of the Tibetan Cranial Healing art.
One of the ladies that lives here is a certified Tibetan Cranial Practitioner. She had a ''Tibetan Cranial Clinic day' today and asked me if I wanted a treatment (payed of course). Sure! I had no idea what to expect and what it would even mean... but I was curious and I like her.

So I had my Tibetan Cranial treatment. It's an ancient healing art that is good for the flows in the body and the circulation, balaces the body and increases energy and clarity of mind (which I really need for my meditation skills...).
I had to lay down on a table and she made me as comfortable as can be. She pushed pressure points on my skull, neck and face (and even in my mouth).

It sure felt good for my neck and I felt extremeley relaxed. She hurt me only ones and it REALLY hurt! But she warned me beforehand and it was a good pain... A pain like she knew what she was doing.

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