Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter weekend get away

The painted ladies!
When Tim said 'Turn around', I could not believe my eyes!

Friday evening I ''got out'' and one of my wonderful collegues of the ''Yoga life program'' gave me a ride to San Francisco.
After an exciting hour drive (exciting because I saw the outside world again, there were so many pretty things and because I would see him again of course)... we got to where me and Tim would be staying.
Man it was good to see him!
Our hotel was in the Tenderloin district... apperently not the nicest neighbourhood, but right in the centre of the city.
Saturday morning we walked around to look for a breakfast place and the Tenderloin was a lot to take on an empty stomach... I can not get over or get used to the misery of people sometimes... And I kind of hope I never do...

We did the stuff we love to do:
- got great food (a lot of forbidden food in my Sattvic diet,oops)
- walked around
- took some pictures
- got more great food
- met up with great people for great ice cream
- enjoyed eachothers company very much
- went to a cofffe shop and read and journalled, side by side
- went to see some nicer areas and some amazing views
- ...

And we tried to forget that the next day, we would have to say goodbye again...

Street deco in San Fancisco.


  1. Sounds like a great Easter escape, there and in HMB. Nice shots of city art and meal remains. Good luck with this next phase of practice!

  2. Moeke
    Wat bedoel je met de "geschilderde dames"? Ik zie alleen maar een rij huisjes!

    1. :) Zo noemen die huisjes. Het zijn oude Victoriaanse huisjes en ze noemen zo omdat ze veel geschilderd zijn denk ik... Je ziet het misschien niet zo op de foto, maar het verschil tussen die oude mooie huisjes en dan de moderne grijze stad San Francisco er achter, is echt wel groot.