Thursday, April 5, 2012

San Fran-tastic!

Two years ago, when I first visited San Francisco,
I didn't have that good of an impression of it.
It just felt like another big city.
This time I loved it!
And that is thanks to you, Ed and QA and "the guys".
Thank you for taking us to amazing foodplaces,
for having us in your beautiful house,
for "sweetening" us with amazing bakings,
for sharing your great dog with us
and for just being awsome!

Cooper, Ed and QA's amazingly well trained
 (he can clean up his own toys!),
  excited and super sweet dog. 

Ed and QA want to do something new every month.
What a great idea!
The special, cozy and maybe somewhat pretentious tea place we went to
was a perfect new thing for them.
Although they were out of my favorite genmaicha tea,
it was a great experience and so much fun!

Here's to new experiences!
And boy am I experiencing new things right now....

Om Shan Tea in San Francisco. Great tea, sweet athmoshpere!

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