Thursday, April 5, 2012

New experiences

Sunday, april 1st... I started a new chapter in my travel adventure.
I am spending two months in a yoga and meditation centre, by myself.

Yesterday, april 4th, I had my first full day without crying and wondering what the hell I am doing here.
Choked up a little, but no tears!

Today I did a big chunk of my 20 hour work duty.
And I reminisce on the things I learned so far.

Here's the update:

  • I learned to see that there are things to learn everywhere.
  • I learned that listening to my instinct really pays off.
  • I learned that all people are very interesting, but that that doesn't mean that they are more interesting then I am, or that I am more interesting then they are.
  • I learned that I can talk to people, make friends, be fun and open.
  • I am learning to live with people, in one house, sharing everything.
  • I am learning the new Sattvic diet or Yoga diet (f.e. no onions, no mushrooms, no alcohol, no chocolate, no garlic).
  • I learned how to use an American laundromat.
  • I learned how to keep smiling after I having a shopping cart full of food and having to put half of it back, because it wasn't right in de Sattvic diet (I learned about the diet afterwards, they forgot to tell me).
  • I learned to perfection some yoga asanas (postures). I'm most proud of my boat asana. I finally got the hang of it!
  • I learned that I am not really flexible... yet!
  • I learned that meditation keeps me grounded, brings me really close to myself and makes me feel peacfull.
  • I learned that I will learn a lot here... And not just about yoga and meditation. 

Yoga and meditation room Ananda Seva.


  1. No chocolate or onions or garlic?? How interesting! I wonder why? I hope you are noting your time! I'm excited to hear about it!

    1. :) Hey Sam! So nice of you to stop by and read some! Thank you!
      There's an intire explenatian for it... basically the yogi believe that it clouds the mind and makes meditating more challenging...

    2. and I am deffinitely taking notes! I am going through a lot of journals because this stuff is indeed very interesting!